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A taxi driver was arrested by police for his alleged involvement in several missing and murder cases

In Ghana, particularly among the youth, finding a job after graduating from their various universities is extremely difficult.

Ghana's government is doing everything possible to reduce the country's unemployment rate by introducing methods and means to solve the unemployment problem, such as planting for food and jobs. The nation builders corps (nabco) program is another government initiative aimed at addressing unemployment.As a result, the government established the Youth Employment Agency (yea) to ensure that qualified graduates find work and earn a living.

Today's youth, on the other hand, want to make money quickly and easily; they do not want to work and earn a living.

As a result, they engaged in immoral practices such as stealing and murdering innocent people in order to fulfill money rituals.Within a month, the total number of missing and murdered persons increased from 200 to 287. People are killing each other for monetary gain.

If there was a good job for the youth to do, they would not have engaged in that type of art.

Recently, a man named Felix Ansah was arrested for allegedly using his taxi to pick up passengers on the side of the road and murder them for personal gain.

Some people who travel alone in taxis are now afraid because of this.

The police have begun an investigation into the case, which is still ongoing. On September 2, 2021, the suspect was granted an interview on ouna tv, where he was asked if the allegations were true or not. He claims, however, that he has been killing several of his taxi passengers for ritual purposes.The police are urging everyone to be extra cautious when boarding a car or traveling because bad people are among us while we go about our daily lives, but are ready to protect the citizens of this country.

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