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Ghanaian graduates are not capable for employment-Deputy Speaker Joseph Osei.

Deputy Speaker Joseph Osei had an interview at Ultimate Fm and he said: "Unemployment exists because Ghanaians graduate is under-educated". A lot of Ghanaians after graduating they complain of unemployment in the country. Most Ghanaians are not fit for employment because they just go to school for the certificate. They just learn for not the certificate and refuse to apply it after completing school.

He then gave a scenario to prove his point and to make Ghanaians understand him well.“We are miseducated,” he explained, “because once we graduate from secondary school, we believe that we are not supposed to work with our hands.” An engineer does not want to come into contact with contaminated oils. He always wants to be an overcoat and give people instructions instead of us creating with our minds.”They lack the necessary skills and training to get a job in the country. They just focus on getting the certificate and only that won't make you fit for employment.

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