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Every country is now a living hell to its inhabitants. The only difference is that, those whose hardship is unbearable considers other countries to be better. Many countries in Africa are now hell to the poor citizens except the leaders; the latter is feeding fat on the sweat of the innocent citizens.

Everyone wants to seek greener pastures in other countries because their current economic conditions are nothing to write home about. That's the best decision to make so far. Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to embrace an opportunity to leave Gh for life. But before we're looking for such opportunities to come, how are we going to survive? There need to be a way out. These are some of the works you can be doing as you're praying for other means.

Offer tuition to people. People have gone to the university but cannot accept to teach private school children to make ends meet. Even though private school proprietors pay ridiculous amounts of money to their workers, you can't help being idle; half a loaf is better than none. There are people who need the services of graduates to teach their children at home; accept that offer.

Become a cobbler. Making and repairing shoes is another work you can do. These odd jobs are fetching, since people will wear new shoes and need repair worn out ones. No job is "dirty" when your survival is key in this situation. Continue doing 'guy' 'guy' and see if you will not start begging in the streets. No sane person will complain of inability to feed when he has physical strength.

Become a sales person. There are shops that need the services of people to sell. If you really want to make money, that's a good opportunity for you. Though, your wages will be meagre, it will open doors for something great. The problem with many people is that, they want to be successful in a twinkling of an eye.

Selling satchet water can help you gather enough money to start a bigger business. You will continue writing one failed application or the other if you refuse to be self employed. No body is ready to create employment in this modern society. The few available jobs are already hijacked by some crooks in the country.

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