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Invest your self in one of these careers which never go away in the world

The world we live in is creating soo many chances in the space of technology and innovation. Most of the things humans can do can now be done much perfectly by robots making it difficult for people to be employed in various firms. Unemployment has been the worlds crisis since the 80s.

In this article, I will share with you Some important careers which will not fade away that we all can invest ourselves in as young people.

1 . Teachers

Humans will always need tutors to take them through practicals and answering humanitarian related activities.

2 . Social workers

like therapists, psychologists and other human-related activities can not be replaced by Robots of which rely on human touch and human emotion.

3 . Doctors and Nurses

In the world of pandemics and sickness, humans will still be needed to work and take care of sick people and other related activities. The workforce will be needed than the use of technology and you can invest your self to be a Doctor or nurse which will never fade away in the world

4 . Data Analyst

Data is one of the most important techniques needed in the most advanced world of technology. and it is mostly manipulated by humans always, so one can invest him or her self to work in the space of Data analyst.

5 . Artist

Painting and drawing is human activity, therefore their uses are very important to developing and developed countries. one can also invest in his or herself

Just to mention a few once.

What do you think we can also invest ourselves in that will still be needed in the future?

You can suggest any example in the comment section below.

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