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Don't Justify Yourself, Get Up & Fight For Your Daily Bread -Reactions As This Photo Surfaces Online

Some youths are only looking for their dream job before they start working but checking the unemployment rate in Ghana right now, it is very difficult to have such a dream come true. This is because the jobs are few but the graduates are many. In view of this, there is the need to take every opportunity that comes your way serious.

Checking the image below, the young man is without one leg but he is very busy on a road digging a long trench all by himself. He could have said that he is disabled so he will rather sit by the roadside and take arms from people passing by but he didn't. There is a saying that "disability is not inability" and "A hand that does not find something to do, Satan definitely find a job him/her to do". 

The disabled young man's picture has therefore encouraged some youths to stop giving excuses and used their God-given talents, strength and everything they have to work in other to get their daily bread. Some were still blaming the government for their inability to get work to do but most got motivated by this young man's attitude.

If a man without one leg is digging a trench in other have his daily bread, what shows that a complete guy cannot get any job to do.

Check out some of the reactions from some Ghanaians after coming across this picture:

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