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"You're Joy And So What ?" Top NPP Man Boldly Replies Joynews Journalist Israel Laryea

Dear Israel Laryea,

Here I was, thinking that out of the acerbic tongued media practitioners who throng the JoyNews/Joy FM outfits of Multimedia, you’re one of the odd ones out.

I have clearly been misled by your seeming professionalism when it comes to how you go about your work. 

You are describing your followers as robots because we disagree with you on certain issues? When did you become like the others?

You are Joy so we should go and set the Gulf of Guinea ablaze? Are we to go to The Hague with a suit because you call yourselves Joy? Is Joy BBC or CNN? Is Joy Al Jazeera or Fox? 

Please, you are not better than Citi FM or Despite. More people listen to Despite than your Joy! If you people at that outfit today rise to the level Komla Dumor rise to, the cacophonous noises you’d be making would be unbearable.

You people are clearly suffering from delusions of grandeur. You had so many programmes we used to listen to but your lack of professional ethics have driven us away and into the arms of other media outlets.

You have the license to criticize others but when you are being served with a dose of your own medicine, you cry wolf. 

Continue to be Joy with your unprofessional attitudes. What is the joy in a media house that specializes in twisting facts and fabricating stories? Continue massaging your balls with this self-aggrandizement! 

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

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