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Finding it difficult to find a job? These eight steps will get you hired

When I was young, my parents told me to study hard at school. This is the only way to get a good job in the future, my mum said. I stuck with her advice for years. I obtained 1 in eight subjects in my BECE, 7 As in WASSCE, first class at the undergraduate level, and a CGPA of 3.9 at the masters' level. My academic achievements were flawless. I had a colleague who did even better academically with 1s in all subjects in BECE, 8As in WASSCE, and almost 4.0 CGPA at the undergraduate and masters levels. Five years later, I am working in one of the top organizations while he is yet to find a decent-paying job. What went wrong for him? Was it spiritual? I don't think so. I had a chat with him and documented seven mistakes he made that I wouldn't want you to make.

1. School is not for studies only. Networking is important: The priority in schooling is obviously to study and make good grades. This is common knowledge. But good grades and distinctions alone will not help you get a great job. Until I got my first job, I always believed first class in the university would make job hunting easier.

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It is essential, but not sufficient. In fact, the third-class student who networked with the right people at school will more likely find a job earlier than the first-class student who was very antisocial. However, do not sacrifice studies for networking. Good grades and good networks are more complementary than opposites.

2. Take advantage of internship opportunities to get some form of job experience: You need on-the-job experience to get a good job. Don't wait to graduate school before you come to this realization. To achieve this, try to do as many internships as possible while in school. Are you pursuing accounting, look for an internship with an accounting firm. Are you reading communication, look for internships in media houses, etc.

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Forget about the allowances. Work for free during your internship period, even if you are given zero allowance. That experience will come in handy in the future. If you are already out of school and have no experience, look for internship opportunities if you are still not getting a job. It is never too late to start over.

3. Parents, help your wards do the right courses: Do not let your wards go to the university for the only reason of getting a university education.

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For instance, Archaeology and History may be a nice program in the university, but it will be extremely difficult to find a job after the university even if you graduate with a CGPA of 4.0. Always make informed decisions with information from the job market when choosing courses for your wards. For instance, a Ghanaian student who graduated with second class lower in Software development may find a job faster than a first-class student who pursued B.Sc. in Atomic Energy.

4. Take professional courses: They can come in handy: Masters and undergraduate degrees are great. However, if you are looking to beat a lot of competition, try to top up the degrees with professional certifications.

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Students pursuing Human resources can top up with IHRMP. Those pursuing accounting have ICAG, ACCA, CIMA, CFA, and many others. Always look at the course you are pursuing and top up with its professional courses. Professional courses can really make securing a job easier.

5. Apply for the right jobs: I recently recruited for a role in my organization. Interestingly, I saw people who pursued history and Arts applying for accountant roles. You will never get the job if you don't apply for the right job. Do not apply for a journalism role if none of the courses you pursued has anything to do with it. There is never a miracle that will give you the job. Apply for jobs you have a certificate or experience for.

Apply Online Application Form Recruitment Concept Stock Photo, Picture And  Royalty Free Image. Image 66512103.

6. Take time to work on your CV: Your first point to convincing any employer to hire you is to get a good CV. Most universities will not teach you this. Most universities do not have CV writing in their curriculum. Some people, therefore, graduate without any knowledge of a good CV. Invest in CV writing. Pay a professional to get you a good CV if you can't do it.

7. Make efforts: Don't sleep and wait for a miracle. Miracle actually comes to those who don't hope for it. Apply for many jobs. Visit job sites every day. Look for jobs that you may fit into. Apply for as many 'right' jobs as you can. Don't apply for one job and go to sleep. It can take as many as 100 applications to land one interview. Keep applying.

8. There is no better job than your own business: With all my qualifications and experiences, I am working for an entrepreneur whose only certificate is a degree. Entrepreneurship is the way forward. Do not be afraid to take risks. Do you have any dreams, pursue them. Set up your own business if you have a good business idea. The world's richest people are mostly individuals who are running their own businesses. Don't sit back and fold your hands if you are not getting a well-paying job. Look around your environment for problems and opportunities. Focus on solving them, and you will eventually be successful. Do not be afraid to start slow.

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