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GNAT with other Labour Representatives in a Crunch meeting on Infamous 4% Salary Increment

Series of strike actions building up in the country as the Ghana National Association of Teachers in a crunch meeting with other Labour union Representatives on the infamous 4% salary increment across board for public sector workers. Union leaders have been accused by their members as incompetent for accepting 4% salary increment across board for all public sector workers for the year 2021, the most annoying part is the 7% salary increment for the year 2022. According to the leaders their members have questioned their competency in the negotiation of salary.

The labour unions went into the negotiation table demanding 20-25 percent salary increment for January 2020. The government has been dragging its feet, the negotiation which started in August 2020 hits the rocks as the government rejected the 20-25 percent salary increment, Government pleaded with the labour unions to consider the financial burdens as a result of COVID-19. The labour unions and the government failed to agree on a specific amount in terms of percentage.

The negotiation was reopened in January 2021, the technical advisor to the finance minister came out with a statement that government cannot increase salary for the next three years which generated public reactions, unknowing that it was a strategy to test the pulse of aggrieved workers. After the back and front, the government came out with a 4% salary increment across board for all public sector workers on the blind side of the labour unions.

Teacher unions, Nurses and Midwife council, Ghana Medical Service, General Registered Nurses and other labour unions rejected the 4% increment. Many Ghanaians felt the announcement of a 4% salary increment was an insult to public sector workers, this 4% increment is less than Fifty (50) Ghana cedis for the majority of the public sector workers. Rent, transportation, and prices of goods and services have gone up over 20% within the year 2020, how does the government expect workers to make up the differences, pretending to pay teachers well will allow them to pretend to be teaching.

Upon all the red flags raised by the labour unions, the Government went ahead to direct the Controller and Accountant General Department to go ahead with the payment of the 4% salary increment. The 4% has already been paid with the July salary waiting to hit the bank accounts of public sector workers by Tuesday 27th July 2021.

Teachers have given the government a one-week ultimatum to reverse the 4% increment or prepare for series of strike actions since strike actions are the only language the government understand.

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