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My Financial Situation

In as much us we all want to break the cycle of poverty, so our children do not have to go through the same things we did, what are we doing differently?

Little attention is being paid to how our society plays a role. Subconsciously, is it acceptable to have a close to moderate paying job at 28? How do we bridge the gap if we are comfortable advocating for the youth to only accept some bit of financial freedom at 40 mostly because that is when it is allowed for one to be paid deservingly for a job because this is when your life has “BEGUN”!

We encourage employers to underpay in the name of inexperience whereas employees are doing exactly what they were employed to do just because they are still young by society standards.

Why will you pay handsomely my forty year self for the same job I do that you won’t pay my 28 year old self???

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