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4 Things That Make People Rich

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Have you ever thought of growing richer and richer? Do you know the 4 basic things to make you overflow in affluence? These are just minor activities most people overlook in life. In this article, it is my pleasure to present these things to you so that you can capitalize on them to maximize your wealth.

1. Pay yourself first

You work extremely hard and you must appreciate yourself when the hard work bears good fruits. All your daily toil is about accumulating enough money to make a living. Once the money comes, don't be in a haste to spend on other people, rather, pay yourself first. Say "I give this to myself for the good work done". Whatever percentage you will want to have depends on you. Once you give first to yourself a certain percentage of your salary, your mind is renewed and the eagerness to work hard and gain more intensifies.

Keep what you give to yourself, invest it wisely into another profitable venture and it will bear many fruits, eventually, making grow in riches

2. Give part of your salary to the Giver

Have you heard of the phrase, " there is more blessing in giving than in receiving?" This is true. You work diligently to earn enough. The question is, who endows you with the kind of life, strength, intelligence, good health, talent and all other stuff that make you earn what you earn? These I believe come from a supernatural being called God, the Creator of the universe and everything in it.

If God has given you all these when you have not given Him anything, you can imagine the magnanimous things He will do for you when you take part of your salary to appreciate Him. In reality, God doesn't need your money, however, He loves to do more for people who appreciate Him for what they have got.

3. Let someone in need have part of your salary

Yes, your hard-earned money is yours. You decide to spend it alone or with others. But if you want to see tremendous growth in finances, allow others, especially, the needy to taste part of the cake. Make it a habit to share a part of your salary with the poor.

Sometimes, the money may not be enough to meet your expenses. Swamp a little discipline, donate to an orphanage home, buy food for the hungry, support the needy in any small way possible. That starts your financial breakthrough.

4. Set up an emergency fund

No human can predict the future. It is not easy predicting what happens in the next second, minute, hour or day. To put it in a different context, no one knows tomorrow. Therefore, part of your salary should be set aside to cater for unexpected circumstances.

This is helpful because you wouldn't have to unexpectedly empty your account in times like this. Most people are drowned in poverty because the money they get go into curbing emergencies. Once you prepare financially for unanticipated happenings, you don't spend from your principal account, rather from your emergency account.

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