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How to [Easily] Sell Anything to Anyone

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Selling is one of the most useful skills anyone can learn. Almost every interaction you have in life is a form of selling; you're either selling your ideas, your desires or yourself so other people will find you attractive. It's all selling that's why it makes sense to search for answers to difficult questions like this one.

Selling is the process of convincing someone to follow a set of actions that will yield some positive outcome for both parties. it's really important to emphasize the win-win scenario otherwise, you're not selling, you're scamming people. Whatever you're selling should be a solution to a problem for the potential buyer. If this condition is met, it's just a matter of how much someone is willing to pay in order to solve the problem. Once you understand the basics, selling is no longer an aggressive process because in reality, all you should be doing is helping people solve their problems. So how do you get better at selling? Read on to find out.

1. Do your homework. really understand what your product is, what problem it solves, why people would need it, which people would need it and how it can make their lives easier.

2. Know your customer. The more you know and understand the potential customer, the better idea you have about their problem. Pay close attention, ask questions and listen. In a short amount of time, you’ll figure out different patterns of needs showcased by potential customers. If you did your homework well, there should be no problem in presenting your product as the viable solution.

3. Be trustworthy. Reputation is everything, that's why honesty is what separates good salespeople from pretenders. Pretenders will do and say anything to get that sale even if it goes against the best interest of the customer. Stop pretending that customers are stupid and looking to take advantage of them. Instead, build a trustworthy relationship and that's a customer that’ll stick around for years to come.

4. Learn how to close. Many people never go for the ask, they expect somehow the sale will go through by itself. This is where good salespeople set themselves apart from everyone else. If the client wants a problem solved, once they understand that your product fixes that problem, it's just a matter of closing. Once you've answered every concern and you know it's the right move for the buyer, you're actually doing them harm by not closing that sale and solving their problem.

5. Improve the product. Use what you learn from the customers and polish the product even more. This will make the sale process even easier and it applies to products, careers and even love lives; I Know Who I am, what I want and what I am capable of. I know who you are, what your needs are and that you're looking for someone to fill that gap for you. My track record set of values and experience shows I can be that solution for you considering I check all the boxes. Why wouldn't you hire me, date me or buy from me?

Going in for the close is the most important part of this system because it's a feedback loop that allows you to get better and see where you need to improve. That's why most guys end up in the friend zone; they never ask, they never try to close the deal.

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