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Reactions After Picture Of Small Boys Allegedly Recruited By GNFS And Police Service Surfaces Online

The Ghana National Fire Service(GNFS) and the Ghana Police Service (GPS) are amongst the most competitive professions that people are normally heard to pay huge sums of money in order to secure work there.

Normally when the forms for these services are made available to the entire populace, certain individuals tend to hide behind the mindset that securing this positions are very competitive and end up taking huge sums of money from people promising them they would secure places for them and most people end up being duped during this time.

Because their recruitment processes involves a lot of straining in order to obtain their targeted number of employees, several criterion need to be met by an individual including body physique.

This is the reason why a certain picture now trending online has got the attention of Soo many people.

Two very smallish individuals have been spotted one in a GNFS uniform and the other that of the GPS. It is not as if they only have smallish bodies but at the same time look like people who are underaged.

The big question here is, ate they also new recruits into the service or they just put them on for a program?

It is alleged that they are individuals who have been recruited and if that is the case, then people will finally draw their conclusion on the fact that these individuals were recruited under protocol since they first of all do not have the body and also look like persons below the age of 18.

If they are truly new recruits, then I think everyone will now have to do the work of protecting their own selves since these people seem too skinny and smallish for the work as criminals will not even show some level of fear to them when they are to arrest them for evil acts.

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