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Security Service Recruitment: Can Ordinary Ghanaian be Taken without Protocol?

Today is the 27th of August 2021. The Police and Immigration services have commenced the purchases of their forms for interested Ghanaians to join the security service. The Ghana Fire Service has already begun their own and interested youths are rushing to the Ghana Commercial Banks to buy their vouchers and apply. This is not the first time security services are doing this recruitment. It should be noted that the Finance Minister issued financial clearance for 11,480 personnel to be recruited in various public sectors.

As many Ghanaians rush to purchase their forms, one question is left in my mind. How many youths will be accepted into the various services after all the forms are bought? Personally, I have bought the Immigration forms twice, gone for body selection and wrote an Aptitude test but there was no news whatsoever. I also bought the police forms some years back and the same recruitment process was done but there was no news again. In fact, during the police body selection, the policeman who was in charge was amazed at my stature.

25-year-old First-degree holder who is 6.1 feet tall, has excellent academic records and has no criminal offence. Excellent biceps and triceps with enticing abs (6 packs). If I had my way, I would have selected you- he said. But he had no protocol/connection/political contact. And this is the status quo of job selection in this country. Many a time, people are appointed into public services because of the protocol. They use contacts they have to have easy access to the services. Therefore, those who don’t have the means, contacts and other protocols only buy the forms at their own peril.

Surprisingly, some people don’t even go through the body selection processes, aptitude test or visit the training centre but by virtue of who they know or what political party they’re affiliated to, they get enlisted into any security service they sole desire. Some years back, a friend was enlisted in the immigration and I asked him how did he succeed to enter- the MP is my friend, we used to walk from town to town during the campaign- he told me.

Essentially, this is the payback time for political party folks. Those who one way or the other contributed to the incumbent party’s victory. However, there stand some exceptions, some people are genuinely picked by grace or chance. Therefore, if you’re interested in joining any of the security services, pray, purchase the forms and wait for God to manifest Himself in your life. Who knows- maybe it will be your lucky day. All the best pals.


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