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A Restaurant Is Paying Workers $18/hr And Social Media Users Cannot Keep Quiet Over It

There is a picture circulating on social media in which an unnamed restaurant in the United States of America (USA) is hiring workers at a wage of $18/hr.

Even though the minimum wage set by the president is $15/hr, the restaurant has gone a step further to increase their wage to $18/hr.

Freddie Mawuli decided to apply his high school mathematics to ascertain how much a worker hired by the restaurant will receive at the end of the month. The amount of money he arrived at will make you leave Ghana immediately.

Let us look at his calculations: Assuming a worker works eight (8) hours a day, that will be equal to 18 dollars times 8 which is $144 a day. 

Now, let us multiply the $144 by thirty (30) days and the total amount will be $4,320 a month. It gets interesting if you convert the total amount into Ghana Cedis. Let us assume $1 is equivalent to GH¢5.60, now multiply $4,320 by 5.60, and you will arrive at GH¢ 24,192 a month. Wow! This is huge money! 

Although the calculation excludes taxes, many social media users are driven away by the amount of money one could be earning from working overseas. No wonder many of the comments revealed that a large percentage of the youth want to travel outside.

How many Ghanaians are able to earn even a half of this amount a month despite their qualifications and work experience? 

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