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Job Prospects for Business Programs offered at the Universities in Ghana and their average salaries

There are various reasons why people study business in school. It could be purely out of their love for numbers or that the family business they'd be joining requires that they know something about business. There are many other reasons as well. 

One thing that’s for sure is that one needs to enjoy mathematics to an extent to go in for such a course in the first place. It can be observed that generally, individuals who loved mathematics during their basic education tend to opt for business courses or science courses at the secondary education level.

The business degree is a broad program that encompasses sub-programs like; Banking and Finance, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Procurement Management, International Businesses Management, Business Information Technology, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, and Management and Organizational Development.

If you’re anything like me, whiles in secondary school you must have thought that a person pursued a business course only if they wanted to become bankers in future. This, by the way, is very far from the truth.

In my quest to prevent any student from having this same mentality of banking being the only career option for business degree holders, I’ve put this article together to delve into some of the sub-programs of the business degree you might not have known of and the various job prospects, as well as the average monthly salary one stand to earn from such jobs. 

Do bear in mind that these very job prospects to be mentioned are among the high-paying options in the business industry.

It’s only right that the first program to brief you about should be, “banking”

Banking is a subject that deals with the functionality of the finance market and how individuals, corporations, and businesses manage their assets. It is an industry that handles cash, credit, and various financial transactions through the provision of a safe store of extra cash and credit.

Some of the top positions with their average monthly salaries available in the banking sector are;

I. Global Banking Manager- Ghs 11,300

II. Bank Operations Head- Ghs 10,800

III. Cash Management Manager- Ghs 9,690

IV. Mortage Manager- Ghs 9,050

V. Capital Risk Manager- Ghs 10,500

VI. Online Banking Manager- Ghs 9,240

VII. Group Branch Manager- Ghs 11,200


This involves the study of how best to communicate the value of a service, product, or brand to a consumer or buyer with the sole aim of eventually selling that product, brand, or service. The job prospects for marketing and their corresponding average salaries are listed below;

I. Brand Director- Ghs 9,430

II. Chief Product Officer- Ghs 8,150

III. Digital Marketing Manager- Ghs 6,910

IV. Brand Manager- Ghs 8,670

V. Market Development Manager- Ghs 7,170

VI. Trade Marketing Executive- Ghs 6,790

VII. Product Manager- Ghs 7,010

VIII. Chief Marketing Officer- Ghs 9,050

IX. Marketing Manager- Ghs 8,300


Finance is the study of funds management by an individual or an organization. It gives one a broad understanding of how money influences people and places. Likely jobs to take up in this sector are;

I. Investment Fund Manager- Ghs 7,920

II. Chief Financial Officer- Ghs 10,500

III. Financial Manager- Ghs 9,960

IV. Economist- Ghs 8,300

V. Auditing Manager- Ghs 7,390

VI. Accounting Manager- Ghs 7,540


It is the act of obtaining goods and services for the purpose of business on a relatively large scale. Some job prospects are;

I. Purchasing Supervisor- Ghs 6,030

II. Inventory Control Manager- Ghs 5,880

III. Vendor Manager- Ghs 7,170

IV. Procurement Manager- Ghs 9,050

V. Distribution Manager- Ghs 8,670

VI. Supply Chain Director- Ghs 9,430


This teaches one how to understand behaviors in an organization, influence, nature of power, and leadership by exploring issues facing individuals and organizations as a whole. Available jobs in this line include;

I. General Manager- Ghs 8,800

II. Chief Executive Officer- Ghs 11,300

III. Managing Director- Ghs 9,050

IV. Risk and Capital Manager- Ghs 8,550

V. Regional Director- Ghs 10,100

A few other job prospects of a business degree along with their average monthly salaries include;

Auditing Insurance Manager- Ghs 7,540

Claims Manager- Ghs 7,170

Policy Change Director- Ghs 7,920

Actuary- Ghs 6,790

Insurance Sales Director- Ghs 8,300

Relationship Manager- Ghs 6,980

Sales Manager- Ghs 8,670

Global Wholesale Manager- Ghs 10,900

HR Consultant- Ghs 6,110

Recruiting Manager- Ghs 7,390

Labour Relations Director-Ghs 6,300

HR Manager- Ghs 7,540

Talent Acquisition Director- Ghs 7,920

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