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We will sue you if you block government workers salaries. Group barks

A group calling itself Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana, have on the 14th October 2021, released a press release. It is about the government's desire to stop paying workers who defy a given directive.

This release was signed by Mr. Azubila Emmanuel Abdul-Salam, Executive Secretary, and Mr. Ibrahim A. Mumuni, Director of Operations.

They have stated that it has become a norm that the government wants to always deal with workers in Ghana. It also always threatens to lay them off (retrenchment or redundancy) or threaten to stop paying workers' salaries if it is by favor that they are paid and not their dedicated service to the country.

They lament that the unfortunate disrespect is being meted out to workers of this country because their Union leaders who were supposed to fight for their interests are now "yes men and women to the government due to their stomach".

Union leaders have all of a sudden lost their biting teeth and relevance to deal with government as stakeholders and not of vulnerability.

"Our other biggest disappointment is the loud silence of the Trade Union Congress and Organised Labour" after their abysmal performance at the tripartite committee meeting where they were compromised to accept 4% and 7% annual salary increment for 2021 and 2022 respectively.

GovThe government taking Ghanaian public sector workers for granted because of the weak Union Leadership we have who have no space in their mouth to speak for the Ghanaian Public Sector Workers in the face of these trying moments.

The government needs to be reminded that her relationship with the Ghanaian Public Sector Workers is "A Contract Of Service And Not A Contract of Servitude".

We woke up to yet another disappointing if not demeaning statement from the outfit of the Controller and Accountant General's Department to the already overburdened and despondent public sector workers to ensure they have their Ghana Cards available before the end of December 2021 or risk losing our salaries.

Has the government not done enough harm or inflicted enough pain on the Ghanaian Civil service workers to spare us this needle agony?

You increased workers' salaries by just 4% against the current high cost of living and yet you compel these suffering Ghanaian workers to cough out Ghc250.00 each to Register for a Ghana card or risk being paid by December 2021.

So if today the government comes out to suggest one's qualifications to earn a salary is tied to the acquisition of a Ghana Card and coupled with the monthly validation carried out on workers to justify their pay claim, then to what end is this new demand from the Government?

Particularly given the hell one goes through to get a Ghana Card in this country relative to the limited period given workers for its compliance.

We first and foremost want to remind the Government of the need to put a stop to what is becoming "a culture of disrespect" to the Ghanaian Civil servants and "begin to see us as partners in the country's development and not slaves".

Therefore whatever is the reason informing the decision of the government to roll out this exercise, we suggest ample time is not only given work to workers from January to April. But exclusive arrangements be made for the Ghanaian Public Sector Worker to avert the needless stress and difficulties naturally associated with the exercise.

Again we suggest a special timetable for workers to carry out this exercise with little or no interference with our working hours. Let it be made known to the Government that the Ghanaian Public Sector Worker will not be able to afford a dime for this Ghana Card exercise since it is through no fault of us not to have one.

We have already gone through hell with the validation exercise in the past where most of us had our salaries deferred for months in the name of not having gone through the exercise thereby having to live a very torrid life with our families.

"We" therefore ask the Controller and Accountants General's Department, National identification Authority, National Labour Commission, The Trade Union Congress, Organised Labour and, other major stakeholders in our labor fronts to engage further on these matters especially with the timelines and rather come out with a more appropriate, friendly and "human face" measures in respect of this directive. This will make the dignity and respect of the Government worker upheld in such decisions affecting them.

We as Government workers are not begging the Government or Controller and Accountant General for pay because it is a contract between us and the government for work done. Government can not tie our monthly salary to a Ghana card which was not part of our contractual agreement. Introducing transformation to the pay system is a good thing to help improve the security of our payment system and enhance controller and Accountant General Department activities to regulate our salaries.

The group have therefore cautioned the government that if he dares go ahead with this directive, the Coalition will take legal action against the controller and Accountant General Department and Government for the damage caused to the affected workers.

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Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Azubila Emmanuel Abdul-Salam Ghana Ibrahim A. Mumuni


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