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Vital information to all government workers in Ghana(Details)

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It is the endeavour of all government workers to attain success in life,but the most painful part is that,the amount of money some workers are earning at the end of the month is very paltry as compared to other government workers.In this country some workers earn higher amount of salary than others,this is done base on qualifications.It is only education that lay much emphasis on number of years of service.Education only depend on the number of years one spend in service to get high salary.I want to use this media to pass this important information to government workers in this country.It is high time all government workers should make it their endeavour to create a business avenue that can fetch them extra money in order to desist themselves from always expecting increment of salary from the government.

It is good for the government to increase the salary of government workers but,sending countless petitions to the government have not yielded in any better position.This is the time government workers should access themselves,in order to open up business to fetch them extra amount of money which will help them gain enough amount of money. Please send your comments coming,like and share this article,please follow AkuaNews for all your information.Thank you very much for clicking this article,please follow AkuaNews for all your information.

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