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How Can The Youth Build Houses When A Bag Of Cement Is Almost Ghs40 Now?

It is sorrowful to buy a bag of cement at the cost of GHC38.00, some are also sold for GHC32.00 which is still costive. Why should we buy a bag of cement for such a cost?

Now if you want to work for a day you will buy two bags of cement which will sell for GHC 76, the Mason will charge you GHC100, the labourer will likewise take GHC80, you will require to buy a durum of water for GHC40.

This is the least cost to build, so let's assume you will call for the service of the Mason and labourer for a week, then you need approximately GHC2500.

The maximum wages of a Ghanaian worker are not evened up to GHC 3000 per month. Now, to gain a portion of land is almost GHC10,000. How many Ghanaian workers, earn GHC3000 per month for them to save something for the future?

Most public and private workers leave in a rented house because their salary is not enough to buy a plot of land, to build a house. Sometimes you see many uncompleted buildings around, as if the owners have forgotten that they have buildings around.

Normally, that's not the case, but the money to complete the projects is the problem. This is the time government should intervene, by dialoguing with the cement manufacturing companies to reduce their prices of cement, to be affordable for mass purchasing. If the government can give them tax reduction or a subsidy, to cushion their production. Now that one sack of cement is almost GHC40.00, it won't be a surprise that if care is not taking very soon, we will buy one bag of cement for Ghc 70.

Most of the state housing projects are shared among the politicians so building materials, must not be costive for those who have the intention to build. We can't continue to buy a bag of cement for GHC 38. The government should do something about it, immediately.

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