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Stop Paying Allowances To Nursing And Teacher Trainees(Opinion)

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Allowances are monies paid to individuals for their services rendered. In Ghana, teacher trainees and Nurses under training receive a monthly allowances.

Well, in my opinion, the government must stop giving them the allowance and use that money to create jobs in the country for the same youth. 

University students do not get any allowance from the government, yet most of them do not get a job after school. Meanwhile, the Nursing and Teacher Trainees mostly have a secured job after school. The monies paid to these trainees needs to be stopped and that money needs to be used to create jobs for the graduates in the country. University students pay more money in school as compared to the trainees, yet the trainees are those that take the allowance.

In opinion, this allowance must stop and the money must be used to create various variety of jobs for the youth. This will bring money to the country and to Ghanaian's pocket.

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