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Checkout most commonly asked questions at job interviews

Learning the basics before the interview is a minimum requirement.

It's important to be confident in your position and to have every answer on the tip of your tongue.

It's not always possible to get all the answers, but you can always prepare yourself with the most basic and most frequently asked interview questions of all time.

To help you navigate your job interview, here are the most frequently asked interview questions.

1. "What work environment are you interested in"

Interviewers most often ask this question to see if you have researched the company's policies, culture, or work environment. A company always wants its prospective employees to have sufficient knowledge about the company and those who do have advantages.

2. "Tell me about yourself"

Even though the question is very simple, you should know that you have to present your skills, strengths, weaknesses, etc. in an answer. It must also be accurate, clear and informative. You should be able to answer this question freely because it means a lot and says a lot about who you are as a potential candidate.

3. "How do you deal with problems at work?"

Your ability to deal with problems and issues in the workplace is one of the most important aspects of being an employee. Your interviewer will want to test you by giving you a situation where your skills will be tested against your problem solving.

4. "How have your additional skills helped you?"

If your resume includes an additional set of skills, make sure you have a reason to learn them. Don't list these skills just because you want to brag about them, but have confidence in how you integrate these skills into your current job.

5. "Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?"

No one wants to hire employees who can't coordinate with their team members. Being an excellent team player is a priority for many companies. Many believe that hiring team members who learn on the job is a much better option than employees who know their stuff but prefer to work alone.

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