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The unemployed nurses of the 2019 batch suspect and does not trust their leadership anymore

The graduate nurse unemployed overwhelmed a false statement made by their leadership, that clearance has been granted and up-to-date there has not been an official indication that there is clearance for the 2019 batch of nurses unemployed.

The graduates are scared since they have not heard of any Media house publishing the official documents of clearance for the 2019 batch of nurses as it's supposed to be. This makes The graduate unemployed nurses' social media platforms hot since the leaders published a document saying they have been granted clearance and yet to receive the official documents which have no date to be published.

Even though the graduates have to keep calm since yesterday (30th September 2021) up-to-date willing and waiting for the official documents to confirm due clearance as said by the executives.

Almost 99% of The graduates unemployed doubt the clearance said by the executives of the batch with the fact that there has not been an official declaration of Clearance therein.

Meanwhile, the executive themselves also has the view that the clearance is an authentic and members should keep clam and wait for the valid documents to validate and confirm the clearance due.

As executives having the hope that the clearance is granted they went ahead to educate their members on how to register when the portal is open.

Let's look at some of the posts by the executive educating their members on how to go through the registration process when the portal is open.

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🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭PUBLIC NOTICE🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭


Felicitations from RNMA NEC to all members. Concerning our communique dated 23/09/2021, It was unanimously agreed that all stakeholders will be engaged on 29/09/2021.

Today's meeting was held by the proud sponsorship of GRNMA.


1. Director HR, MoH & staff

2. National Youth Coordinator & G. Accra Regional Chairman, GRNMA





1. Staff ID & its related issues.

2. Clearance & Permanent postings.


i) Staff ID generations and various processes have appropriately commenced. RNMA proposed MoH to kindly extend the days of staff ID generation to capture affected interns. The ministry has taken into account and necessary follow-ups will be duly done as well as communication will be given to members respectively.

ii) Financial clearance for GHS has been granted hence, we, therefore, charge all facility reps to consult respective HRs as a directive.

In addition, all interns who haven't filled their IPPD forms should consult their HR's for them to do the necessary.

iii) Interns that have gone through the processes and have their staff and biometric registration is done earlier, will have their salaries this month.

We hereby, show appreciation to all stakeholders that have a share in our journey as an association (RNMA). To Dr. K. Asabire and staff, Mrs. Perpetual Ofori-Ampofo, and affable GRNMA executives most especially Mr. Prince Opuni, cherished members of RNMA/RCNAP & RCNAC, we are so much pleased.

Leadership also wishes to caution members to desist from unproductive journals/circulars about nurses & midwives recruitment as well as interns issues.


Thank you

✍🏽 INTERIM NATIONAL PRESIDENT, RNMA ...............................................………..................................................................

The False Hope Installments By The Executives of unemployed Nurses 👇................................................………..................................................................

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*Date. :29th September, 2021 .*

A delegation of two Volunteered reps from the Graduate unemployed Nurses and Midwives ( *GUNMA)* in collaboration with our mother association, *GRNMA* had a privilege meeting and had a bilateral discussion with the Director HR, MOH, Dr. K Asabire, and his outfit on the aforementioned subject matter on Wednesday 29th September 2021.


1. Financial clearance and permanent posting of the 2019 cadre of Nurses/Midwives.

Below were the responses from the Director HR of MOH and his staff on the subject matter,

In response to our concern *He* made it clear and loud to our hearing that, Financial clearance has been granted to all cadre of Nurses/Midwives ( *2019* ).

However, there has been a new reform on the usual procedures for recruiting Nurse/Midwives as done in the past years. This new development will not start from the national level as done previously but will be regionally based.

This means that each region will have a quota and various Nurses/Midwives will be instructed to apply for their preferred Region. i. e

Processes involve in the recruitment plan ( eg .selection Interview and the rest etc) and final recruitment will be done at the regional level, that's from bottom to top but not as they used to do previously.

Again, regional portals will be advertised when opened.

So, therefore, we are required to get all the necessary documents for the said purpose and wait patiently for the effective date to be announced soon.

Leadership with the help of the National Youth Coordinator & G. Accra Regional Chairman of *GRNMA* in the person of Mr . Prince Opuni tried to know when the said processes will be done and when the clearance will be officially announced but no clear timelines were given but assured us that we will be informed officially as and when they are done with the necessary Processes involve.

The above exercise was cared of by our mother association *GRNMA* hence we would want to render our sincere appreciation to the President, Mrs . Perpetual Ofori-Ampofo and her outfit, most especially the G. Accra Regional chairman and Mr. Sugri Abdul Rafiq for their relentless efforts and Pursuits to get us posted permanently. We say God richly bless them in all their endeavors.

In conclusion, we encourage all members to rally behind us and give full support to any stand that may be taken to get us posted in due course.

Any further development about our financial clearance and postings will always be communicated to you on time.

✍️ *Note well* *Unity remains the only strength.*

Thank you.

All media houses are cordially invited to interview, make enquires, make News, etc

The above numbers can be contacted for live clarification on the circulating clearance 🤔 

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