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How to succeed in life before you reach 40 years

Life is a race. It is not a race against anyone but time. If you're on earth and always compare your to people, you may end up performing poorly like them or over working yourself. You're supposed to be successful if only you are working towards it.

Everyone has his or her own definition of success but in our societies, success is measured by your financial stability. Many people continue to struggle even at middle age. They waste their youthful moments acquiring nothing. Some very young people too, become successful by virtue of playing their cards well. These are some of the things you should do in order to be successful.

Invest your salary into a profitable business. Salaries are just there to quench hunger. A truly successful person needs to invest rather than relying on some meagre income called salary. In any case, your needs will always be more than your monthly earnings. A side business will do a lot of good to you, as far as success is concerned.

Cut down your expenditure completely. As you're not earning money, you will always complain about people's extravagant lifestyles. But immediately you start getting something in your wallet, you will start consuming more than you should. In effect, you're preaching virtue but practicing vice. As a young person, you will need lots of money for life time investments; building a house, getting married and upgrading your educational status.

Support people who need your help. Some people cut themselves off the family ties because they don't want to spend on anyone. Well, you're not responsible for the wellbeing of virtually everyone in the family but you have to do your part in supporting a few needy people. When you're also in need, those you pushed up will lend a helping hand to you. This confirms the fact that our success is tied to people.

Don't waste your time and money on women when you have important things to do with your resources. You can't be celibate either; get married and save money for projects like building your dream home, acquire a car, further your education among others. If you're not successful by age 40, don't blame God or any malevolent forces in your family. Any argument? Let's read your views!!

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