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5 Reasons You Should Have a Mentor and How to Find One

There are very few things that are more valuable than having a mentor. When it comes to your journey to success, your ability to secure the right mentor could be the difference between making it or failing miserably. Those who underestimate the power of mentorship are less likely to succeed due to a variety of reasons. 

Before we get started, what exactly is a mentor? By definition, a mentor is someone who offers his or her knowledge, wisdom and advice to someone with less experience. There are multiple types of mentors but the concept is pretty much the same; a mentor is someone who has already walked the same road you plan to walk and that can actively help you speed up the process. Below are 5 reasons you should have a mentor and how to find one for yourself.

1. They've Been There and Done That 

The biggest advantage of having a mentor is they've already achieved something that you yourself are pursuing, which means they’ve already gone through the struggles you're facing right now or are about to face. They made mistakes and also found creative solutions along the way. A mentor will share these insights with you, decreasing the time it takes for you to reach their level and maximize your chances of success.

2. You Can Talk To Someone Who Is an Unbiased Third Party 

A mentor should be straightforward and provide unbiased advice. They're not your parents and will not put your personal feelings above facts. This is incredibly valuable because more people around you are emotionally invested in you as an individual but a mentor has the ability to look at the past and judge your efforts for what they really are. No matter your business idea, you’re less likely to get a real response from your loved ones or your inner circle because they want to support you. Guess what? The world cares about results and not particularly about you, your mentor will provide that balance.

3. They Have a Whole Different Network of Contacts and Connections That You Don't 

Your mentor is already swimming with a bigger fish in their journey; they've already acquired a variety of contacts that could be out of reach for someone like you. A mentor can facilitate access and open doors for you, giving you the right amount of an edge to make it in your journey. You as well will grow your network but how awesome is it that if deemed worthy someone is providing you with the access that your competitors might be struggling to get? Never underestimate the power of someone else's network and you should have a strong focus on developing your own.

4. It's the Best Free Service You Could Ever Get 

Most mentors only want to see you do well. A real mentor wants you to succeed, not for their financial gain, at least not the first time around. There are people called consultants, which you can pay hefty sums of money for them to go through your day-to-day business and see if they can spot any vulnerabilities or points to optimize. Usually, these consultants are book smart and although their advice is valuable, they lack the street smarts needed to make it happen for themselves, that's how they ended up working for the company in question. A true mentor doesn't need you to pay them for their advice they're satisfied with just seeing you succeed.

5. They Push You to Learn 

A mentor will easily notice where you're lagging behind in terms of knowledge. Their job is to push you in the right direction and most of the times, this starts with information. Any real mentor will recommend reading material that applies to your industry or your particular field. They will point out what you should look into in order to draw much-needed knowledge from it. And they'll keep you focused on improving your knowledge because they know how important it is for you to succeed.

How to get a mentor

Step 1: know yourself and where you want to go discover your passions

Step 2: find someone who's already in the vicinity of that point and who's a living proof that your goal is achievable. This person should be from your geography and a success story in your area. The bigger their success, the harder they'll be to connect with.

Step 3: study him or her, find out where they're from, what's their story, what's their business look like and learn as much as possible about their business.

Step 4: reach out to them, proving you've done your homework and offer to help them with their business for free. Find a particular function in their business that you can do and offer to do it for free. 

This is the secret to getting a mentor. you want free valuable advice and contacts? You got to work for it first. A few examples could be managing the social media aspects, helping to optimize their schedule, anything that takes a burden off their shoulders will do.

Thanks for reading. See you in the next article.

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