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I do not think he will show up for training the next day. Ghanaians react to a trending video.

It's not easy to become a security personnel in our country. Before you even get the chance to be trained, the amount of money you will pay can even start you a business. Payment of money before one get to be a government employee is now normal in Ghana. I'm lucky you chose to read this serious article. Leave your thoughts and follow up for more interesting gists across the country.

As it is in every part of the world, one has to be trained very hard before he or she can be accepted as a security personnel. It is believed that the fear and cowardice of that person must not be in him or her if he or she wants to serve the country as a security personnel. Becoming a security personnel entails a lot so if you really want to join, you must pass through a lot of pains for you to be strong physically and emotionally.

A video of a security personnel being trained has been trending on social media and has gotten the attention of Ghanaians on social media platforms. In the video, the personnel in was being trained on how to jump off a cliff. He was there with his trainers and they were showing him how to do it. He was tied to a rope and was asked to move downwards slowly but the fear in him was too much. He was afraid he will fall down and get hurt so he didn't want to go down.

Social media users have been reacting since the video was posted. A lot of concerns have been raised about how our security personnels get trained. The trainee was without helmet or any protective tools. Due to that, some have noted that protective tools should be given to them when they are being trained. Some too have laughed at him even though the matter looks serious. Some too have insinuated that they don't think he will show up the next day to carry on with his training.

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What's your thoughts on this, looking at the picture, do you think how security personnels are being trained is safe and sound? Leave your thoughts in the comment box beneath and follow up for more interesting updates.

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