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The Government Cannot Make Life Cheaper Just Because The People Are Poor

Cost of life isn't something that is under the control of anyone. The government cannot make life cheaper just because the people are poor. The best thing that can happen to poor people is actually the reduction of government intervention. This way, private capital will pour in to help solve all the problems of society. Private capital will demand profit, but it will also demand efficiency and results.

Although free government-provided services sound cheaper, in reality, for-profit privately provided services are more efficient and help to actually solve the problems and not just pay lip service to them.

On the issue of University Education, most of the jobs in our economy that currently require a degree can be done by someone that graduated from a good secondary school. The emphasis should be on skills and not on theoretical education. Much of what is taught at University level has no applicability in our economy at its current level of development.

We need to get real. What the poor need is skills that can give them good-paying jobs. If we focus on skills, we will not need Chinese companies using non-graduate Chinese workers to build our infrastructure as we will be able to do it ourselves. We will be able to mine and process our minerals, including crude oil. We will produce far more goods, both for domestic consumption and for export.

But people are not going to university for any of this. They are going in order to get a paper that entitles them to a job that does not require them to produce anything.

This is the bitter reality. It's unfortunate that almost every government of Ghana's Fourth Republic has tried to temper with Ghana's education system but yet fail to get the needed outcome.

People complain of how bookish the curriculum has been for years. What they forget is that only few infrastructures for impacting learners to acquire vocational skills, have been provided. Vocational and technical skills teachers should be trained to start a system, where an SHS graduate can at least acquire some skills in specific subject area.

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