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Teachers have been Insulted big time, 4% paid without arrears as Validation is ready for Payment

Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) has sent a link to the electronic payment voucher to ministries and agencies for validation, as announced by the government 4% salary increment for all public sector workers. Teachers called on their union leaders to reject the 4% salary increment. Teachers have declared their intention to their union leaders to embark on series of strike actions until the government listen to their concern and increased their salary base on the current cost of living. How can a government increase fuel prices over 20%, utility bills over 10% and increased salary by 4%. Is this the listening government that was preached to us during the election?

The president and his vice intended to pay their wives over twenty thousand Ghana cedis with three years back pay starting from January 2017. These people are well catered for by the state. Millions of dollars approved for members of Parliament to purchase vehicles, politicians only think about themselves and their families, the reason to pay teachers with the lowest salary increment ever in the country was attributed to the financial burdens as a result of COVID-19, the government has asked public sectors workers to tighten their belt and the politicians to lose their belts.

Salary increments always take effect from January each year. Arrears are paid in addition to the current month in which payment are done. The four percent increment which has been rejected by the teachers has been paid without any arrears, this 4% increment has been reflected on the electronic payslip validation for teachers. Is the government insulting public sector workers, they have been forced to accept 4% due to COVID-19 financial burden on the country.

Teachers have been disappointed in their union leaders who represented them to negotiate for the four percent salary increment. Teachers have threatened to embark on series of strike actions, teachers plan to demonstrate against their union leaders before embarking on series of strike actions which is set to begin on 2nd August 2021. If the government pretend to pay teachers well, teachers will also pretend to be teaching and that will be dangerous for the country. Even the president of the land has told teachers, they can't be millionaires while teaching, the president has given teachers the green light to do side jobs in addition to teaching. Our classrooms will soon experience teacher absenteeism, teachers will have divided attention to their profession and other side jobs they may take in addition to the teaching. The quality of teachers shows a stronger relationship than school facilities and curricula to pupil achievement. A teacher with financial issues will not get the right frame of mind to teach, they will be stressed up, it will affects their output of work which will directly affect students academic performance.

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