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Armed Robber Runs For His Life After His Victim Nearly Crushed Him To Death

A criminal who intended robbing a private car owner ends up running for his life after he was chased

Recently, it seems the criminals in our country have made up their minds not to fear anything at all again.

They get up at anytime of the day as they wish and set off on their operations and in most cases that have been recorded, they end up successfully executing what they have planned.

What at all could be the cause of this new development? Is it that they no longer have respect for the security persons or what could be their reasons?

There has recently been several cases of criminal attack where the victims in most cases end up loosing their lives.

Innocent lives are being lost, while the culprits get away with their evil. This has to be a wake up call to our security persons so they put in extra efforts to help capture these persons.

Talking of the broad day light crimes, a video fast trending online which has got the attention of so many people shows how a criminal who tried to cross a car moving on the road with a motorcycle.

The smart driver of the private car realised what was about happening and immediately turned his car around pretending to return to where he was coming from.

The robber stupidly turned also to continue his chase but the driver who was very fast immediately turned around and bumped into the motorcycle to reach this robber a bitter lesson.

This we hope could happen to each one of them, it would be a good lesson for the others. This is trying to inform all drivers to be always alert of any such suspected acts and teach these criminals some lesson if they can.

Our security persons can not always be present everywhere at everytime hence we have to also stay watch for certain suspicious acts as such.

We wish and hope that the robbers will see this and be transformed from their evil ways else they may all end up one day loosing their precious lives as they have done to that of others.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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