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The System Is Not Working But We Can Encourage Her To Continue What She Is Doing- Ghanaians Replies

Media person and celebrities news writer, Zion Felix has stated that "here is Evelyn, the first class student who studied procurement and logistics and has been selling bread on the street for two years after national service.

She says a profit on each bread she sells is 50 Pesewas. Please let’s help her get a job. Call her if you have a better offer for her" and Ghanaians have replied the famous journalist that the only thing they can do to help the lady is that, they will encourage the lady to continue what she is doing because there's no job in the country.

A lot of Ghanaians have praised the lady for thinking ahead and creating a room for herself to start a business.

According to Ghanaians who reacted to the post, replied that the system is not working in Ghana but they will encourage Evelyn to continue what she is doing which is better of than seeking for employment which will frustrate her later.

See some reactions from Ghanaians as a reply to Zion Felix below.

Someone said: Ghanaian mentality? Find job find job. She should get inspiration from the A1 bread guy so she starts her own bakery. She has a degree in logistics which will serve her better to venture into exporting in future. How much do Ghana jobs pay? 1k p3. She should create a business and employ people so they don’t end up like her.

Another person said: I will advise her to continue selling the bread and get her own bakery. She won't be happy if she gets employed and the boss starts disturbing her. The early morning wake up and the stress she will go through before she will get to work will even frustrate her. hmm.

Another person said: Most graduates do credit transfer, mobile money and some even sell dog chains in the street! She's fortunate to have this bread business. Everybody want a white collar job and who should do the other businesses? I was expecting Evelyn to ask for capital to expand her bakery business to enable her employ more workers!

Another person commented that: That is a job there. What job does she need again. If she sells 100 loaves a day that's 50gh cedis a day. Just imagine how many workers are being paid 50gh a day? She can even sell more than 100 loaves a day.

Someone said: She is very lucky to have that job. Certificate jobs wont pay her that much. These banks and private organisations will pay 500-700gh for a degree holder.

Someone also stated that: If not a poor leader in this country we are born and living, a first class student, even no graduate would've become a burden after spending huge of money for school. Even if they can't employ her, they could've assist her with capital for her to become entrepreneur. Besides, if she is a Minister's daughter, she would've being employed by now.

Someone stated that: Supposedly our system is working she might be working with her area of specialisation. Notwithstanding, the bread selling is equally good as long as she hasn't settled on what she desire. Certainly and definitely things will change. She should keep her head high and up on the hustle.

Another person encourage that: Dear you are on your way to greater height continue what you are doing being a young entrepreneur is not easy especially if you are now starting up but with time you will realize you made a good choice. In our part of the World looking for job is another job on it own so please continue your bread business because this is a life time business for your unborn children if you manage it well.

After carefully studying what Ghanaians stated above they explained that starting a business as a graduate is better than not working in your preferred course you have study because you will not get a better salary. Although most of them preferred that working on your own is better than working for someone else who will pay you less money.

See how Ghanaians reacted massively to the post.

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