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17 Surest Signs That Show It's Time To Resign & Start Your Own Business

Starting your own business is not as scaring as it seems to be. It rather needs a courageous person that will rather scare his fears and launch his dreams into existence to make impact in life. In this article, I present to you 17 surest signs that should tell you that it's time to resign and be on your own. 

1. The vision of starting your own business keeps haunting you. Until you do something about that vision, you may not be free. Remember that the vision is for an appointed time. 

2. You are no longer satisfied with higher positions and big salaries. The higher you go in life, the better it gets and satisfies but if it doesn't satisfy you, find the exit door. 

3. You take full charge of your work and do it like your own. That is the spirit of entrepreneurship. 

4. You are highly independently minded and love to be on your own. If you love to be on your own then consider being on your own. 

5. You are consumed by your own opinions. Are you the type that is always thinking of opinions and ideas that seems to be above everyone? Get ready to harness those opinions and ideas as your own CEO. 

6. Great love and passion for what you do and want your freedom to explore. Sometimes, a lot can be explored when left alone. 

7. You are a bold risk taker in life. You are never scared of starting and losing it. Life is a risk and that is the way of life.

8. You always set high standards for yourself and always strives to achieve it. Every entrepreneur is a person of standards. 

9. You have saved enough as startup capital and worked on your registration and documentations. C'mon! It's time! 

10. Your potentials and special abilities lie waste in another company. Sometimes, you could just be in the company doing something outside your passion. 

11. Constant issues forcing you to quit. To some people, it is only some critical problems at work that can only force them to resign and stop wasting time. 

12. Trapped in the wrong work environment. Some work environments kill talents and trap all your ideas and interests in life. Flee before you expire with your business ideas. 

13. No room for growth and team work. Sometimes, you may feel stuck and not knowing where to turn to again at work when there are no more opportunities to grow and develop yourself in a team. 

14. You have great ideas that don't fit into someone's vision. Listen, your vision is best understood by only you and you alone know the exact mental picture you have about it. 

15. You hate simply being controlled and told what to do all the time. That is sometimes very annoying, anyway. 

16. Thoughts of resigning and getting into hardship no longer scare you. That is the spirit of entrepreneurship.  

17. When you start having divine revelations of being on your own. Don't waste more time, God may be speaking to you that it's time. 

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