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You are not supposed to be poor if you posses any of these 3 skills in This Month of July

In Africa, unemployment has become a major issue. Because the unemployment rate is so high that just one out of every three graduates is able to find work after graduation, many of our kids have turned to illegal activities such as abduction and computer fraud. My recommendation to you, if you are a young person reading this essay, is to have a talent before going to university since it will assist you a lot because you can easily swap your services for money.

According to the current state of affairs in the country, it appears that only the self-employed are gaining money. Try to learn a skill before or throughout university because it will benefit you both academically and when you graduate and begin looking for a job. Here are three abilities that will make you truly wealthy as an African student.

Technical skills

Electricians, plumbers, phone technicians, mechanics, and others are examples of these skills. These individuals are in high demand, and acquiring these talents will ensure that you are self-employed and do not have to rely on the government or anybody else for a living. Technical knowledge will enable you to be your own boss. If you're a technician, you're in luck because you'll have no trouble.

Digital skills

Graphic designers, digital photographers, website designers, and others are examples of digital abilities. Because of the prevalence of social media and the internet in general, digitally proficient employees are in high demand these days. These abilities will help you become self-sufficient, and they will also help you earn a lot of money. We are in the digital age, thus if you have any digital skills, you should not be impoverished in 2021.

Writing skills

Gone are the days when writing was solely for educational objectives; nowadays, writing for platforms like Opera News Hub may earn you a decent living. All you have to do now is enhance and upgrade your writing talents to the point where they are rated top-notch, and you will be considered an expert in the field. With all of this information, you will agree with me that being rich nowadays is much easier than it was in the past; all you have to do is learn a skill, market yourself, and I guarantee you will never go broke again.

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