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Amidu is highly incompetent: He is just blowing his own horns over his woeful failure in Office

Before one makes a decision to serve any organization or nation, then he or she is also prepared to face the disappointment or difficult times that may come their way.

There is no society without problems, issues of challenges; and just as we in one way or the other create those challenging situations in wherever we find ourselves, we must be prepared at all times to rectify them as quickly as possible.

For the past few decades, Ghana has battled and still battling with corruption. It is a social canker that drains the reputation, goodwill and fountainous hopes and aspirations of every country in the world.

What we normally do is that we keep pointing fingers at other people, alleged to be the number one generator of it, but in reality, we all are guilty, and must be ashamed of ourselves.

We must make a conscious effort to admit that we created it; hence, if we do not eradicate it entirely from our social structure, no one would.

In Ghana, several Anti-Corruption campainers and organizations have rolled out key interventive measures to fight against this troubling phenomenon. However, all their efforts do not really materialize due to certain hidden realities that block its chances of survival and fruitfulness.

One of the realities is that we do not have professionals who are so dedicated, committed and above all, resiliently A-POLITICAL to champion this course.

Most of us are very much aware of the slippery nature of our political system, coupled with the weakened state of some of our key public institutions.

Currently, most Ghanaians are gradually losing trust and confidence in our judicial institutions, due to the scandals spearheaded by some of its key leaders like Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah. Whether is allegation is true or not, it still drains the reputation of our judicial system.

Meanwhile, a renowned legal expert and Anti-Corruption Campaigner, Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu, who was given a key national task to fight against corruption in Ghana has expressed his disappoinment. 

A lot of Ghanaians had so much confidence in this corruption fighter, but along the way, he gave up on this mandate. His resignation from the Office of Special Prosecutor generated so much worry, concerns, controversies and arguments in the public space, and on social media. 

Though Amidu penned down so many reasons for his sudden and untimely resignation, things were not so clear to Ghanaians. 

Currently, Amidu has boldly revealed that the was only one person who was blocking his chances of survival and success in office; and that person is His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. 

Martin Amidu emphatically said in a statement: "The only regret I have in life is to have trusted President Nana Akufo-Addo to con me to be a Special Prosecutor."

His statement clearly indicates that he is highly incompetent in the responsibilities he was assigned to perform. 

As an expert, he needed to have done a background investigation or analysis of the personality of Akufo-Addo and his government before accepting the offer.

He cannot blame anyone for his failure to execute a key national mandate. As a corruption fighter, he should have used all his strategies and wisdom to overcome all the key challenges he claimed he was facing.

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