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Who is a good Manager; Man or Woman?

Gone are the days the woman is seen as a house help. For which reason she is always found in the kitchen preparing food for the family and also keep watched over the house.

In the twenty-first century a lot had change. And the way men think about women also changed.

Women are now given more and vital positions in big companies and businesses.

Below are the reasons I chose woman over as the best manager.

1. Attention; Most often than not, women give attention to people and things than men. Because it's their nature.

This can be seen in how they handle their family especially the children.

Hardworking; women of today are hardworking, they put in their best in any sensitive position they are given.

3. Bribery and corruption; Woman by nature doesn't have the zeal or confidence to take bribe in other to do things in a corrupt way.

Abuse of power. Women by per their nature do not like people to suffer around them.

Being in a top position like manager, to abuse the rights and freedoms of others not part of them.

5. Fund misuse and misappropriation.

Women are not fun of expensive things like houses and cars. With this, they can help to protect the company.

These are the reasons for me choosing woman over as the best manager.

Thanks very much.

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