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Meet the Farcor Sisters Ghana's current youngest successful CEOs (Read more)

It takes courage and confidence to turn impossible situations into thriving generational humanitarian or social enterprises for the benefit of all.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world's economy, a lot of businesses were no where to be found; some collapsed entirely while others utilized the 'work shift' and redundancy approaches to cut down cost and remain functional & competitive as well.

A lot of virtual business recovery and revitalization seminars and workshops were organized to empower the young and upcoming Entrepreneurial Enterprises in the country to perform up to task, and become more resilient to mitigate all the challenges triggered by the pandemic.

However, some withered of along the way, while others struggled to meet their target, with just a few active in operation.

Meanwhile, two young University Siblings were able to identify a very feasible business operational idea in the midst of the pandemic, and today, their vibrant initiative has grown to impact the lives of over 1,000 students in the country.

Before we delve much into their successful business story, let's get a bit personal with them.

Born on March 24, 2000 and July 10, 2001 respectively to Dr. Kwame Afaglo and Madam Georgina Donkor, the two sisters, Efia Mirekua Farcor and Abena Farcor have become a fountain of blessings to the entire Ghanaian Entrepreneurship Community, and as well become stronger forces of change on the African Continent, particularly in this COVID-19 era.

They both had their nursery and primary education at St. Margaret's E.A. in London, United Kingdom.

When they returned to their motherland, they proceeded to Dieudonne International School for their Junior High School education.

Efia and Abena further gained admission to study General Arts and General Science respectively at Aggrey Memorial Senior High School in Cape Coast, Ghana.

Currently, Efia Mirekua Farcor is a level 300 student of Political Science and Chinese at the University of Ghana, Legon while Abena Farcor is reading Bsc. Mathematical Science at the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani, Ghana.

During the COVID-19 break last year, they both came up with a business idea in the area of educational empowerment.

As creative and fast thinkers, they realized that most children, especially those in Senior High Schools were idling in the house, with few of them engaging in some educational programmes on the Television like Joy Learning and other private tutoring platforms which usually came at a high cost.

The two lovely sisters then came up with an online learning platform called "Strictly Online School".

Although their courses of study in the University are not business-oriented or Information Technology-based, they took it upon themselves to create a Online School during the coronavirus period to enable the younger ones have a feel of an online based study platform.

They commenced by creating very in-depth videos all using the technology they had to upload lessons for each student on their platform.

Courses available were: English, Maths, Integrated Science, Social studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Elective Mathematics, CRS, History, Literature, Government and ICT (for all students). 

All these courses were taught solely by the two sisters. Efia, who was an Arts student handled all the General Arts Courses while Abena taught the Science-related ones.

They had not more than 15 participants when the school was created on June 26, 2020, with the name, "Strictly Math".

When they however changed the name to "Strictly Online School", and continuous communications were made through their social media handles like Facebook, Twitter etc., it attracted a lot of participants, which increased the number to over 1000 by October 2020.

Most of the students were from the Eastern part of the country, with some from Central Region and a few from the Northern part.

Photos of some of their students:

All registrations were strictly online, and their mode of payment was on monthly basis in the form of tuition.

Just as every business has its own challenges, the students were finding it difficult to cope because the videos were taught and recorded using a white board and marker.

The uploaded videos were not clear too; hence, made it difficult to read and comprehend.

However, with the help of their dad, Dr. Afagolo who is a Psychology Lecturer, they came up with an easier and more convenient way to make their teaching and learning more simple and accessible all on the PC.

This was a big breakthrough in their newly founded business because more students enrolled in the school.

They also had a number of referral and the school grew very large by October last year.

This brought the attention of the Young Women Entrepreneurship Initiative, were they were awarded for their excellent work, including a huge amount of money for start up.

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