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Ghanaians do dirty jobs abroad, but they are selective in Ghana - Entrepreneur reveals

Ghanaian entrepreneur Felicia Asibe has stated that many Ghanaians are unemployed because they are picky; they prefer white-collar jobs but travel abroad to work menial jobs without complaining. 

In a chat on Daily Hustle, Felicia mentioned that the no-jobs narrative is not entirely true because many Ghanaians want government jobs only and refuse to create employment for themselves. 

“We are selective of jobs. ‘I don’t like this job. I prefer that job’ but when they gladly accept cleaning abroad. Instead, you put pressure on yourself when you think that way. 

There is money in Ghana, and you can start somewhere. You can sell something as long as you can express yourself well. There are many jobs, but we are selective about it,” she said. 

Moreover, Miss Asibe disclosed that she began her clothing business before enrolling in the university. She’d go to Kantamanto at dawn to buy clothes with as little as Ghs60 to sell. 

“I also worked as a cleaner at Lister Hospital while in the university. Some even bathe dead bodies in the US, but they won’t do that in Ghana. We complain too much. Don’t be selective,” she said on SVTV Africa. 

Besides being an entrepreneur, Felicia works in the banking industry. She advised the youth to turn a blind eye to social media pressures because they are mostly fake.

Kindly watch the full video below;

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