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There Are Jobs, But Graduates Aren't Qualified For Them - Says A Top Ghanaian Employer

Madam Adubea Ayisi, the Executive Vice Chair of Native Bar, has stated that there are jobs available, but that new graduates are usually unsuitable for them.

There are simply too many graduates, according to the businesswoman, who believe they are entitled to positions simply because they have earned their degrees and credentials.

The conversation centered on the tourist and hospitality industry, but at the 22nd minute of the interview, the eloquent host inquired about the employer's advise to young people seeking work.

Young people, according to Adubea, should abandon the belief that they will be offered jobs once they graduate from high school and instead focus on gaining the necessary experience and abilities.

"As a long-time employer, the perception is not that there are no opportunities, but that there are no suitable fits for the jobs," Adubea said, adding that young people can volunteer at businesses and then list their experiences on their CVs to get jobs.

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