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I threw out my accounting certificates to become a mechanic - UK based Ghanaian reveals

Croydon-based Ghanaian mechanic, Casper Reno has disclosed that he threw his accounting certificate out to learn how to fix cars after leaving Ghana. 

Speaking on Daily Hustle in the UK on SVTV Africa, Casper indicated that it was difficult to find an office job in the UK. As a result, he ventured into his current business because of the financial benefits. 

“For now, I am a mechanic and no one can beat me in this field especially when it comes to diagnosing. Also, I read and research a lot on the cars so I can fix any car,” he told host, DJ Nyaami. 

Casper added that working as a mechanic abroad is very different and a lot easier than in Ghana. According to him, they have machines that aid their work and “whatever you need to fix the car is available. If you don't find it on the market, you'll get it from the manufacturer. So all you need to do is identify the problem is and tackle it.”

Casper has been living in the UK for 15 years. He revealed that soon after he arrived, he was diagnosed with leukaemia and was hospitalised for nine months. He underwent 8 chemotherapy sessions. Many thought he had died. 

Many Ghanaians abroad have encouraged the youth who want to travel for greener pastures to learn a skill if they want to be successful outside of their home country. Casper said the same. He encouraged young adults to focus on craftsmanship. 

Kindly watch the full interview on YouTube: SVTV Africa

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