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Teachers Kicks Against The Effective Date of 2021 Salary Increment, Demands Interest on Arrears

Teachers Unions have come together with their collective bargain power, the teacher unions have issued a collective agreement on the new salary increment for the year 2021. According to the teacher unions, tensions are high and they may not be able to control their members if they embark on strike actions.

The teacher unions are, Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers(NAGRAT), Coalition of Concern Teachers(CCT) and Teachers and Education Workers Union(TEWU). Prices of goods and services has been increased more than three times within a year and fuel price keeps going up every month but the salary of public sector workers remains unchanged. 

Teachers and other public sectors are to be Shortchanged in the 2021 salary increment. Salary increment always take effect from January but this year the proposed increment is to take effect from June, 2021. Public sector workers will be Shortchanged for five months, majority of them use public transport as as a means of transport, the increment in transport fares and prices of goods and services especially food stuff has brought untold hardship on teachers and other public sector workers. 

Upgrading of teachers into various ranks in the Ghana Education Service has been completed on paper yet to be reflected on the teachers pay slip, some teachers were successful in their promotion exams and they have been promoted but it has not reflected on their salary payroll for over three years, salary delayed over three years are not paid with interest. The value of the money has been depreciated and teachers should be compensated, it is not the fault of the teacher for his or her salary to be delayed. Interest should be paid on salary arrears delayed over a year. Management of Ghana Education Service should out measures in place to enroll teachers to their new rank and grade on the electronic payments slip on time to avoid payment of arrears. 

Salaries are always increased in September for it to take effect from January, this is not fair deal for teachers and the public sector workers. 

Teaching is a noble profession, our youth sees teaching as a stepping stone, when they graduate from university, they teach for a short time when they get a good job then they leave the classroom. 

There should be a negotiations with the organised Labour to agree on the effective date of 2021 salary increment rather than the government given out effective date of June, 2021 without arrears

By Nedved

Content created and supplied by: Nedved (via Opera News )

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