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I would not revive your dead career - Double Tee to Maccasio

I feel sorry my people in the north who have handed their joy to selfish and ignorant entertainers. Whenever I bring out the sun for day light, they succeed in calling for night for darkness, for there crime dwells, throwing dust into the eyes of my cherished people. An entertainment industry, especially music, should be branded to pave way for divergent talents to succeed and should not be centered on one or two people.

With vast intellect and maturity, I decided to go CONTROVERSIAL sometimes, to give my fellow artist something to jam into and make themselves lively and for that matter the industry marketable. The same CONTROVERSY that was presented without talent and maturity got people into clashes, stoning and breaking of car glasses. I came and made it better with vibes that got people entertained and not engaging in acts of violence like they used to. Instead of me to be hailed, some either unprofessional or hungry industry players worked in hand with this Selfish artists to discourage me and made the GENTLEMAN looked bad in the eyes of majority of the fans. Simply because, I'm a danger to their overdue selfish duopoly.

Now the support they used to get financially has faded away and their over hyped talent can't give them a single hit, they are left perplexed, wobbling. One has started on media platforms saying nonsense to get my replies. I won't revive your dead career. Dabi!

Now the countless artists you have both wasted in the name of camps have fallen apart. I must acknowledge some of them who once recorded BATTLES against me but now call to encourage me. Same acknowledgment goes to industry players who have countlessly made phone calls and tweets to call the GENTLEMAN back to make the industry more lively and marketable once again. I assure the GENTLEMEN out there that NEW JAM🔥🔥 is LOADING......

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