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Some Funny Jokes Can Make You Laugh And Break Your Chair.

You are 30 and not yet CEO? What a shame I became CEO at age 15 when my teacher said, you and your company, leave my class

Please stop sleeping in public buses. A lady who was sleeping besides me just shouted use condom or am not doing it again

A lady once said I want to marry my books and give birth to success, she is now 7 months pregnant with her science teacher.

You want to know your wife's secret?, call your neighbour's wife a prostitute then you'll see revelation.

All my life I have never seen a pregnant female soldier. Do they lay eggs?

Call me later I'm driving then the people in the bus looked at me, as if I am talking to them.

I love sleeping naked until last night, rat almost ate everything.

Just because she said you're not much romantic so you start practicing how to remove pant with your teeth, be wise don't be foolish my brother.

Slim girl go break your heart then anytime you see broom stick den you make emotional.

Playing loud music while cleaning the house can make you lift the wardrobe alone.

Every day I imagine the beating David would have collected if that stone missed Goliath.

I was in traffic and I saw a lady in her car applying makeup and combing her hair

Is that what they call a saloon car?

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