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Which pays more, Government work or self own business?

It is so special to hear that you have been given a position in a government institution or been employed by a reputable government job because we know that at the end of the month, we are assured of our monthly salary.

This makes it enjoyable seeing yourself jumping up and down immediately you are being given an appointment letter taking into consideration the respect and other benefits you may enjoy.

What is so special enjoying some amount at the end of the month or being given special treat at the end of the year? Yes, you will enjoy your salary but what if the unfortunate incidents happen during the month, will the monthly salary sustain you?

Now setting up your own business is quiet a better idea in making money but the type of business would determine whether you can make it or not. Quite a number of business men exist in this country and taking into consideration the business they venture into, tells it all.

Can a government worker compare him or herself to a self own business? Imagine being a government worker and taking like 200$ a month, can you afford Utility bills, unforseen expenditures, food, and other related monetary issues with such matter? Can a self own business person also face financial crisis at times?

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