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Is it Profitable to learn Coding or Programming in 2021?

Get insights and ideas to Elevate Your Career

Hey, y'all MotherG here with a small word of advice or let's just say a thought.

Chale is it profitable to learn computer, web, or mobile programming in 2021?

Hmmmmmm...Yes oooo!

It is always a good idea to invest in yourself. Learning a new skill or trade is by far a great way to implement that. When we talk about programming, computers, and software, well the meer thought of the topic let alone how to create any of these technologies...What can I say "it dey headache me!". That's usually the case it's hard and overwhelming to do it. You will find out that it is rather very easy to start! Stay tuned I will even provide you with valuable info about how to get started.

All you need is interest, curiosity, and enthusiasm to pursue this rewarding career path. Anybody who is serious and committed to getting any job completed can be a proficient programmer in 6 months to a year. They can even start taking projects and getting paid thousands of dollars, euros, pounds you name it! This could be for a full-time job or project base job. The world we live in now is based on skills and University degrees now don't amount to anything if you don't have the skills to back up your so-called degree. So my friends skill up oooh, SKILL UP!! Coding skills are usually implemented in IT, data analytics, research, web design, Mobile development, etc... the list is endless. Now the learning curve is usually smooth at the beginning. If you are excited you will skyrocket through your education believe me! That is for the first 3 months. Then comes the challenges of retaining what you have learned and practice, practice, practice is the key.

Let me give everybody some examples of programing careers you may have heard of:

software engineer, full-stack developer, web developer, front-end developer, Mobile apps developer, and many more. Let me go over these career paths in brief.

A Software engineer basically designs software for computers and on a more detailed spectrum, they usually develop systems (i.e a base program to use to do various complex tasks) to implement on pc, applications, and the web.

A Full-Stack developer does it all. Developing both front and back end of web-based products. Even more, they should have knowledge in design in order to design great UIs (i.e User Interface) to link the front end and the back end in a seamless way.

A web developer, well I think this is the most obvious career path that most people are familiar with. Basically, you design websites. However, this career path can be broken down into many elements. We may have a front-end web developer, a back-end web developer, or even both.

A front-end developer basically designs the UI part of a web. The part of the web that faces the users. As a result, they need to be adept at design as well as programming.

A Back-end developer works on the server and the database. This part of the web contains all the information and complex building blocks to sustain and run the front-end of the website. As a result, they need to be very well-versed in programming and specific programming languages.

A Mobile apps developer well as the title says they design mobile apps. It could be for Android or IOS.

What about the Salaries?

Well, when it comes to Money! Show me the money...We like Money like something! Well if you like money then am sure you will need to get into this fulfilling career. You can do a search on the web for yourself but am telling you the lowest salary of a developer is around 3000 GHC per month. There might be some exceptions where some people are getting less. However, this is the standard. The ranges are from 3000 GHC to 8000 GHC. So my friends Look sharp! Money dey ooo!

So how do we tap into this rewarding career?

The world has changed a lot and nowadays Knowledge is easily accessible. The internet has made it very easy to acquire skills and information to even implement in a professional setting. Now there are many outlets where you can get the necessary information to embark on the journey to learning programming. As promised I will list the free websites that can help you start your journey. There are many websites out there but I have chosen in my opinion what is the best and totally free. I will also list the ones that require payment, but the fee usually is not that much and they offer financial aid.

The Free Websites:

The Websites with some payments:

So for now these are the websites that you can benefit from and start your journey. If I'm able to add some more interesting websites I will definitely do. Starting a new career can be daunting and scary. Don't make excuses to disrupt your long-term wellbeing. Always know that there are many resources to help you to get to your destination. Never sacrifice your potential for procrastination and laziness. You won't realize it now but in the long run, it will end in tears! So I encourage every one of you who has a strong passion to pursue it. The cost is not high and the return is so much worth it. Alright, No shaking!



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