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Because of my love for my mother, I killed her. I had no idea what I was doing was wrong.

Children from single-parent households are more likely to grow up amid financial hardship, according to most research. These same youngsters are more likely to have lower salaries as adults than those who grew up in more affluent two-parent households.

Emmanuel Ayensu has been with his single- mother for the past 19 years since he was born. His mother had struggled for her entire life just to cater for Emmanuel Ayensu to have a well living standard.

Emmanuel is a grown up man now, he felt sorry for the state he and his mother are in. He then decided to make a move at least to provide for the family.

His mother is everything to him now, he must by all means do his best to put a smile on her face. As a grown man, Ayensu must take responsibilities.

It is said "To be a man is not easy". A Nigerian man will say "to be a man nawaoo"

He tried so many avenues to make ends-meat but the results wasn't to his satisfaction.

He then travelled to the city to find a lucrative job where he met some new friends.

The new friends introduced him to a Secret Society. Without knowing the implications and the consequences he agreed to be a member.

He made secret oaths, grips and other signs of recognition to be initiated to be a member.

His eagerness to make rich to return to his mother made him did not make him think about what he was doing.

A few weeks later he returned home to meet the corpse of the mother.

There he remembered in exchange of wealth you have to sacrifice what you cherish most.

He shouted in agony " I have killed my mother"

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