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These Pictures Show That Teachers Are The Happiest Workers In Ghana.

Everyone derives happiness from his or her profession. Apart from the money, the prestige and the privileges that come with working in a particular institution, your happiness for doing that particular work counts. There are many professions in Ghana; teaching, nursing, banking, and so many more.

Gone are the days when people aspire to become what they want to become in the future. But now, over population and the inadequate jobs have put lots of pressure on the few available jobs. Even the few jobs available are only secured by what is known in Ghana as "Protocols".

One very important but undermined profession in Ghana is teaching. Teaching is what give birth to many other professions. But teachers in Ghana are not respected beyond anything other than being humans. No respect from whosoever. Even those in government especially, the current president even made outrageous remarks that incur the wrath of the teachers.

Despite the fact that teachers are not paid well and not even accorded the needed respect, the profession is a noble one. It is a call to serve humanity. You will derive enough joy from impacting knowledge in the younger generation. Something you cannot do in many other sectors.

Playing with your children, teaching them new things all couple to make teaching very unique.

Those are my children and myself. We are always happy in the midst of insufficiency. Sometimes, I can't see a child go hungry! I step in to save the situation. A student will come and complain of missing money.

You can't do anything but to give something to the child. We are the Happiest people in the whole world despite ill treatment from the very people who were ones taught by teachers.

Sometimes, you will not feel like going to the school due to ill health or any other similar reason. But you will surely miss the joy of interacting with your learners. Their silly jokes will not prevent you from smiling!

There are teachers who are teaching not for the love of the salaries; they have what it takes to earn more money than the meagre monthly earnings. It is rather the passion to be with little children.

Teachers are the custodians of the knowledge we acquire in schools. They hold the key to each learner's future. A teacher can make or unmake any learner. But it is every teacher's joy and pride to see his or her learners achieving academic excellence. We will continue doing our great inputs in the society. Some day, one day, our hard works and inputs will pay

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