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Dr. Clifford A. Braimah: A Bridge Between People And Their Dreams

As 2021 comes to an end, permit me to celebrate an outstanding gentleman, whose selflessness, generosity and amiability knows no bounds.

He is Allah’s chosen servant to bring to life the dreams of people; young and old, known and unknown, far and near.

He is a technocrat turned politician, but not your ordinary politician. His actions and deeds speaks louder than his words.

As a duty bearer, he knows no political colours in his line of work. Indeed, he is blind to prejudice when it comes to supporting the ordinary Ghanaian. Your need, not your political affiliation, ethnicity or geographical location, determines the support you get from him.

He is Ing. Dr Clifford Abdullah Braimah, the Managing Director of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL).

With a PhD in Water Supply Management from the prestigious Cranfield University, UK, he has managed to steer the affairs of the GWCL to the admiration of all.

My interaction with Dr Clifford Abdullah Braimah started somewhere late 2020.

When I finished writing the manuscript for my first book (J. A. Braimah: Biography of a Trailblazer), I went, manuscript in hand seeking for support from people I thought could help, but in all cases I left disappointed.

To them, Ghanaians do not read, therefore, a book is not a viable investment. Some did not even take a look at the manuscript.

That was not Dr Clifford Braimah.

It took him just three days to finish the entire manuscript. As an Academic himself, he appreciated the value of what was before him.

Immediately he was done, he requested for my Budget; the rest as they say, is history.

So, if you think writing is a challenging job, try printing and organizing a successful book launch. At every turn, you would have people failing you in one way or another.

Meanwhile, not only did Dr Clifford breathe life into my dream of publishing my first book by singlehandedly financing the printing and the launch, he accepted my request, in spite of his very tight schedule to chair the five-member organizing committee of the Book Launch.

Chairing the committee was never easy for Dr Clifford. He had it tough coming into consensus on some contentious issues with the committee.

Especially, with myself as member, Empress Lawuratu Musah-Saaka as Secretary (the Marshal with the big cane, who always bulldoze her way through), Mufti Borejinkpr as PRO (always at the receiving end of the Marshall’s big cane), and the Publisher (member).

We called meetings at odd times but he was patient. Our meetings were not supposed to last longer than 40 minutes, however, discussions sometimes go beyond four hours, still, he endured.

Dr Clifford Braimah, an outstanding gentleman, supported my efforts without strings. In fact, the day I handed the manuscript to him was the very first time I met him.

I heard and read about his kindness but never met him. He did not know me from Adam. But he supported my work. He is indeed, God sent.

May Allah replenish in manifold for Dr Clifford the money and energy he expended on my book. May Allah continue to make Dr Clifford Abdullah Braimah great.

If you interact with Dr Clifford, you are most likely to come to one conclusion - he is one of a kind, a different breed of a politician; supportive, kindhearted, diligent and thorough.

As we go into 2022, my prayer for you reading this is that, may Allah put a Dr Clifford in your path as you chase your dream.

Thank you, Dr Clifford Abdullah Braimah.

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Allah Clifford A. Braimah


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