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The era of digital marketing and blogging, content writing can solve youth unemployment.

Popular blogger, Teacher Kwadwo( for illustration)

Ghana has a youthful and vibrant population to increase national output and bring development as a result. However, most of them are in one form of unemployment or the the other.

Although, various measures have been adopted by the government to reduce the rate of unemployment talking of YEA initiatives such Youth in Agriculture, Youth in sanitation, Youth in afforestation, community policing etc, the increasing population cannot bring lasting solution to the canker

With the advent of social media, advertising has been made simple as sales can be through the various social media handles such as such. One does not need to think about renting a shop, or putting up a a container With the help of a good Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok etc .

With the help of a good Graphic Designer , beautiful adverts can be made and post posted on Instagram where customers are easily to be spotted as soon as the advert poster attracts enough. For instance, Food can be made at home , packaged nicely and advertised on Instagram to create a wide range of customers

Products such as clothes, footwearhouses etc . can be sold easily online through Instagram.

This is one new opportunity. The other opportunity having trend of late is blogging, content publishing such as Opera news, Scooper news where one can made good income with the help of a smartphone, data. etc. If you are good at crafting nice stories, news from authentic sources, the platforms I mentioned earlier will reward you immensely. Although, it is time involving, beginning with a step will make you use to it It can be done on part-time basis when one has a busy schedule.

The youth should be educated and trained on digital marketing and introduced to blogging, content writing for publishing.

hing. Zionfelix is a renowned celebrity blogger , Sammykay is also one with large number of followed on his social media site being paid for the content or created. Ghanaian YouTube logger such as Sheldon and the rest are making income for themselves Another part -time blogger is Teacher Kwadwo is a government employee Ghana Education Service.

Operanews is leading in the steps in reducing youth unemployment and deserve massive commendation.

Youth unemployment can still be reduced.

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