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3 ways to make genuine money online

Finding a job in this hard stringent economy is very hectic and tiresome. The procedures and obligations of finding a job may seem very stressful. No need to give up on making money, for I have compiled some ways on how to make legit and legal money online.

Iver the past years, making money online has started to gain popularity. However, very few people can effectively utilize this opportunity with the excuse of not knowing the laid down procedures to attain this feat. Making money online is one of the easiest and quickest way to earn a living. It is less stressful and requires less time investment at little or no costs.

The following are some of the ways of making money online:

1)     YOUTUBE:

Most people are not pretty much aware of the immense financial benefit YouTube can be of to them. YouTube is a platform that permits content creators to post their work with the intent that these content creators will share in their revenue generated. It is as easy as an ABC. With the right content, you would be gaining more views this increasing your revenue.

2)     FIVERR:

Fiverr is one of the biggest digital service marketplace hosting thousands of people. You are allowed to create a logo for a company, manage accounts, do voice-overs, etc with the return of being paid monthly. Money can be redrawn through the bank, PayPal, or Pioneer. First, you need to create your service. When you are paid 80% goes to you and 20% to Fiverr.


This is an initiative made towards the alleviation of poverty among the Ghanaian youth. With a one-time account activation fee of 30 cedis, you will be eligible to share in the revenue of cedisroom. To gain more money in the cedisroom, you are encouraged to read the news and comment on them. It is as simple as it sounds.

With these ways, you have no excuse to still live in poverty.

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