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Are you tired of being jobless? Read this

Being jobless has become the real deal in society today. People tend to be frustrated while others find it consumes them, making them display some disturbing qualities. Some people are seen to be a nuisance when they ask their loved ones or friends for money. There has to be a way to put a stop to all that 

1. Develop a skill:

Find something you love to do and go for it. Your passion is a requisite when it comes to mastering a skill. Some people master a skill later in life, after they have tried numerous times. There is nothing wrong with that. It mostly prepares you for what you truly want to achieve in life. You can go to classes such as sewing classes, baking classes, and event planning as well, just to mention a few. Sometimes people take the risk of just attempting to go to a class and end up loving it.

2.Build a portfolio:

Having a portfolio helps you to showcase your work and provides awareness depending on your field of interest.You can display them online, as they are the best place to gain potential customers and employers as well.

3. Begin networking:

This is of the utmost importance because with networking, the first thing you must know is that first impressions count for everything. Honesty is at its peak and you shouldn’t try to be someone you are not. At first, all you would have in mind is that they must like you to get others to do so. That shouldn’t be the case. You must be genuine and stick to your life’s values. Make your experience with them memorable, especially with new people. Don’t forget your old friends and loved ones can also help and shouldn’t be left out.

It is high time sitting around doing nothing comes to an end. The beginning won’t always be easy, but it gets better with a little push and lots of effort. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

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