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Decent Jobs You Can Do as A Graduate That Can Earn You Ghs3k in Ghana

The rate of unemployment in the country is increasing very rapidly over the period. Ghana attained middle income status in 2007, and with a current Gross Domestic Products (GDP) of about $60 billion US dollars, it means the economy is expanding and that entails more demand for goods and services. However due to the grammar based educational system the nation practices, most students who graduate from our institutions of higher learning become employees instead being employers.

The tertiary institutions in the country produce thousands of graduates every year. For instance, in 2018, a World Bank report indicates some 109874 students completing various programs of study across the country. With these huge numbers, the state already stretch budget is unable to provide employment for all of them. This has resulted in a lot of graduates who are unemployed in the country.

The good thing is, there are several cash cows, that if graduate venture into, will have some decent means of employment.

These job opportunities include

1. Becoming an online commercial car drivers; with very reliable online commercial car companies like Urber and Bolt, a graduate can a make a decent salary about Ghs1000 within a week.

2. A freelance writer; a graduate who is passionate about putting things around them into ink and paper and are good at it can turn their passion into a source of living by either creating their own blogs or taking advantage of already established, giant entities like Opera News Hub. They are good writers who make more Ghs3000 per month on Opera News Hub.

3. Helping to market the products of companies on social media; if you have a lot followers on social media, these can be turned into a money making opportunity. You can market the products of a company via your page for a good commission.

All in all, starting your own business is very difficult at the beginning, but if you are able to weather the storm, you may leave the rest of your life enjoying the fruit of your labour.

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