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Elizato-The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one

Every time Elizato always encourages and educates people that helps them to make good decisions in life. Sometimes his statement looks funny but he is blessing you with wisdom and knowledge. Elizato is a radio presenter and a philosopher at abusua fm, he is also one of Ghana's greatest philosophers. Elizato said, "The best way to appreciate a job is to imagine yourself without one. He said people think that their job is not good but if you imagine yourself without working, you will see that the job you are doing is helping you a lot.

Sometimes you will think the job you are doing is not helping because of the sales or salary you are taking at the end of the month. We should not give up because if you are not working you will see life becomes more difficult even though the amount of money you are getting from your business is not enough. The small amount you will get can help you to settle or pay some of your expenses but when you are not working you can't pay your expenses. Appreciate every job you do and try to work harder everything will be fine and so that give up on the work that you are doing to earn a living.

Doing your own business or working for someone always will not be easy but in the end, you will get some money to cater for your basic needs instead of you staying at home. Appreciate your job and God will bless your hard work or hustle. A lot of people made some comments on his statement and some shared their stories about how their job is not for them. They said they are managing to do it to get something in the end because even though the job is not good for them but if they stay at home it won't help them at the end of the day.

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