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Husband and wife relationship

My Husband Doesn't Want To Perform House Chores Despite Losing His Job And Staying Home

A lady is wondering why her unemployed husband would still expect her to perform house chores after she returns from work every day feeling very weak and tired.

According to her, they met in Spain where they both developed interest and got married. Her husband was gainfully employed and was taking care of the family as a responsible husband.

She on the other hand, was a house wife even though she was highly educated and could secure a job all because her husband told her not to apply for any job since he wanted her to always stay home and take care of the house. She accepted just to make sure that their relationship was maintained.

But unfortunately, everything turned upside down when her husband lost his job and had no other thing to do. So she had to apply for a job instantly so that they could fend for themselves since the husband did not understand the Spanish language and therefore could not secure a job easily. Fortunately on their side, there was this job opportunity that required a Spanish-speaking applicant for eligibility.

Since she understands Spanish, she applied and was lucky to be picked. Though her pay was sufficient for their upkeep, she however had a challenge with her husband on maintaining the house anytime she went for work in the morning and came back in the evening.

She complained that her husband would never wash the plates, clean or even cook so that when she comes in the evening she can just eat and rest for the next day. So, as it stands now, she is seeking public advice as to whether her husband is wrong or she is wrong.

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